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The Nurtured Heart Approach is a set of strategies for building rich relationships, especially with children, based on cultivating "what's right" and seeing one another's "Greatness." Used in hundreds of thousands of homes, schools, work places, and communities world-wide, NHA builds "Inner Wealth" so that one is self-empowered to make great choices that lead to success.

Bestselling Book on ADHD

Transforming the Difficult Child By Howard Glasser, Creator of Nurtured Heart Approach, continues to the be number one best-selling book on ADHD on In his ??? work, Mr. Glasser demonstrates how the NHA can transform difficult behaviors into dynamic successes.

Howard Glasser

Welcome to the Nurtured Heart Bookstore. We are pleased to provide you with valuable resources to support you in using the Nurtured Heart Approach with great success in your home, school or community. We have a menu of offerings including books, CDs, DVDs and Online & Live Trainings as well as inspirational gifts. All proceeds benefit Children's Success Foundation. Explore & Learn!

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Parents, Teachers and Nurtured Heart Advanced Trainers . . . . . Join Howard Glasser for the NURTURED HEART APPROACH FOUNDATIONS COURSE online and master the power of Igniting Greatness in your Child.

NHA Books

1The first step in learning Nurtured Heart Approach: Read a Book! We feature books inspired by the Approach from several authors, all who are certified trainers. If you want the nuts-n-bolts, start with Transforming the Difficult Child by Howard Glasser, Creator of Nurtured Heart Approach – the best-selling book on ADHD. This book joyfully walks you through the process of creating richer relationships based on what is going right and clear limit setting, rather than using punitive models that accidentally give richer energetic relationships when behavior is out-of-control or inappropriate. In just a few days you will see transformational results in your home or classroom. Learn More

NHA CD’s & DVD’s

2Begin to “catch the energy” of Nurtured Heart Approach through a CD – makes for an inspiring commute – or DVD. We recommend starting with the Transforming the Difficult Child Audiobook, read by the author, Howard Glasser. Listen as Howard weaves the fundamentals of the Nurtured Heart Approach with inspiring stories that every parent or teacher can relate to. You will get a “feel” for the Approach in a way that only Howard can share it.  The magic comes through!Learn More

NHA Trainings

3NHA Trainings are available for the entire community: parents, educators, mental health processionals and child advocates. All offer CEU’s.
NHA Basic Training: Introduces you to the fundamentals of the Approach, in an easy to use 6-hour online on-demand format with a 1 hour live Q&A with Founder Howard Glasser
NHA Foundations Training: An in depth exploration of the Approach. A 6-week online training program including 6 on-demand lessons and 6 live webinars with Founder Howard Glasser and an interactive on-line community.
NHA Advanced Training: A 6-day live event with Founder Howard Glasser. Learn in-person the entire NHA. Become certified as a trainer or master essential parenting skills.Learn More

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